Wednesday, November 16, 2011

November 16, 2011 Deaths by Illegals since August


  • victim image 2011-11-11 Maria Santiago Age: 54
    A drunk illegal alien beat and strangled Maria Santiago, carried her body down three flights of stairs, and set her ablaze with charcoal in the building's garage
  • victim image 2011-11-08 Angela Laudun Age: 33
    Gonzalo Portillo Cortes, 20; Esdras Sanchez Garcia, 21; Louis Nava, 28; and Jose Castille Mareno, 23, have all been charged with aggravated rape and first-degree murder
  • victim image 2011-11-08 Kendrick Owens Age: 13
    Boy, 13, killed by hit and run drunk driver
  • victim image 2011-11-08 Deputy Jose Fox Age: 37
    Roberto Miramontes Roman has been caught twice in the past for re-entering this country illegally charged with murder of Sheriff's deputy
  • victim image 2011-11-08 Darness Brown Age: 10
    Illegal aliens have turned our roads into killing fields! A hit and run driver and Illegal Alien Leticia Flores, 28, struck and killed 10-year-old
  • victim image 2011-11-08 Lori & Kayla Donohue Age: 8
    Illegal aliens have turned our roads into killing fields
  • victim image 2011-11-08 William Sullo Age: 30
    Equador Illegal alien Maldonado-Luzuriaga is being charged with Criminal Homicide, Attempted Criminal Homicide, Reckless Endangerment, and Driving Without a License.
  • victim image 2011-11-08 Officer Andrew Widman Age: 30
    Abel Arango served time in prison for armed robbery. Since Cuba wouldn't take him back, he was released. He then went on to shoot Ft. Myers, Florida police officer Andrew Widman in the face.
  • victim image 2011-11-08 Officer Gary Gryder Age: 47
    Officer Gryder was working traffic control when drunken illegal alien Vietnamese national Hing Trong crashed through a construction barrier and ran him over.
  • victim image 2011-11-08 Mackenzie Maddox Age: 6
    Jose Rodriguez only four months before the homicide, Rodriguez who had four prior convictions including a DUI, was identified by Immigration and Customs Enforcement as being in the country illegally and deported to Mexico
  • victim image 2011-11-07 John & Mildred Caylor Age: 79
    Bible Store owners killed by suspected illegal alien in Kansas City Missouri
  • victim image 2011-11-07 Officer Nick Erfle Age: 33
    Officer's killer killed in shoot out, he was undocumented
  • victim image 2011-11-07 Officer Vincent D'Anna Age: 26
    Illegally in America a Mexican National rear ends off duty police officer, drags him and his motorcycle as he tries to flee the scene
  • victim image 2011-11-07 Deputy Loren Lily Age: 41
    A sheriff's deputy in Georgia was killed on his way to work in a traffic crash with two suspected illegal aliens
  • victim image 2011-11-07 Deputy Brian Tephord Age: 34
    On November 12, 2006, Dep. Tephord made a routine traffic stop, while sitting in his patrol car, running the suspects’ information when Bahamian nationals Andre Delancey and Bernard Forbes opened fire on him. Dep. Tehord was taken to the hospital, where
  • victim image 2011-11-07 Tony Zeppetella Age: 27
  • victim image 2011-11-07 Officer Marc Atkinson Age: 28
    Officer Marc Atkinson was shot and killed after being ambushed by suspected drug traffickers.
  • victim image 2011-11-07 Julieanne Pascoe Age: 18
    The families of 3 beautiful people will be victims again if Sergio Montelongo-Sanchez is let out of prison you can help, contact Georgia Corrections and Parole Board at 404 651 6668 and keep this guy in prison
  • victim image 2011-11-02 Mark Stenberg Age: 39
    Contractor hires cheap labor, Illegal aliens who can't speak english so he makes an error that kills an American citizen, father of 3 young children another is born 2 days after the death of it's father so a father of 4 is dead because of cheap labor
  • victim image 2011-11-01 Jasmane Gonzales Age: 10
    Illegal alien relative rapes and murders his 10 YOA cousin
    • 2011-10-30 Kathleen Byham Age: 45
      An illegal alien from Honduras was charged with murder for the vicious stabbing death of a woman shopper in a New York Wal-Mart parking lot
    • victim image 2011-10-20 juvenile Jane Doe Age: 9
      Illegal alien charged with child rape: Judge sets bond at $1 million
    • victim image 2011-10-10 Legal Citizens of the State of Kansas Legal Citizens of the State of Kansas Age: 99
      To sign the petition to seek an AZ type illegal alien type of bill in Kansas. Contact Renee Slinkard at
    • victim image 2011-10-06 Maritza Ramirez-Cruz Age: 23
      Annette Morales-Rodriguez, Suspect In Wisconsin Killing, Planned To Steal Baby From Pregnant Woman
    • victim image 2011-10-04 Jose Pena, Jr Age: unknown
      Perez was wanted for a 1999 murder in northern Indiana and a related federal fugitive warrant issued in 2002, and that Mexican authorities had also charged Perez with kidnapping.
    • victim image 2011-09-28 Kendra Williams Age: 11
      Girl hit and dragged by car driven by illegal immigrant
    • victim image 2011-09-26 Patricia Frois Age: 24
      A murder investigation is underway in Marshfield, where a young mother was allegedly stabbed to death by her ex-boyfriend. Police say the suspect may be in this country illegally
    • victim image 2011-09-21 Jane Doe 11-year-old girl, Age: 11
      An illegal alien who works harvesting tobacco has been charged with sexually abusing a female relative. Marcos Moran-Cuellar, 23, 1104 Beauty Ave., was charged Sunday with first-degree sexual abuse of an 11-year-old girl
    • victim image 2011-09-19 United States Treasury Age: 99
      Illegals Raping the United States Treasury and Legal American Taxpayers As They Collect Billions In Child Tax Credits
    • victim image 2011-09-11 Daniel Pollack Age: 31
      Police: Illegal immigrant responsible for Pollack's death
    • victim image 2011-09-06 Milka Rivera Age: 39
      "I shot until there were no more bullets," Tejada told police
    • victim image 2011-08-27 Juvenile Jane Doe Age: 18
      Police arrested Hispanic man Saturday for allegedly kidnapping and raping 18-year-old mentally challenged teen. artinez was charged with first-degree rape, kidnapping, no operator’s license and driving under the influence
    • victim image 2011-08-26 Reimy Rivera Age: 6
      Illegal alien who killed girl & himself had been deported twice, tried to murder entire victims family
    • victim image 2011-08-24 AMERICA AND THE CONSTITUTION OF THE UNITED STATES Age: 99
      Amnesty granted by back door tactics by Obama Administration
    • victim image 2011-08-20 William George Age: 49
    • victim image 2011-08-20 Matthew Denice Age: 23
      Illegal drags victim a quarter mile!! On Friday, Massachusetts Governor Deval Patrick said that while the dragging death of 23-year-old Matthew Denice was tragic, the fact that the man accused of killing him is an illegal alien is immaterial
    • victim image 2011-08-19 Kyle Wible Age: 20
      Arizona Sheriff Sergeant Son, 20, Killed by Drunk Illegal Alien
    • victim image 2011-08-18 Christopher “Buddy” Rowe Age: 4
      Suspected Illegal Immigrant Faces Charges in Alleged Hit-And-Run Death of California Boy
    • victim image 2011-08-00 four john/jane does Doe Age: unknown
      Obama’s backdoor amnesty allowed slaughter of family of 4 in Texas
    • victim image 2011-08-00 Patricia Parez Age: 15
      Teen stabbed to death by her boyfriend