Friday, December 2, 2011


Border Patrol Auxiliary

In an effort to confront a vicious attack against the Border Patrol Auxiliary by a well known very left leaning group known for years to be Anti-Patriotic we are addressing the following area of concern from National Leadership in the Border Patrol Auxiliary.

The Southern Poverty Law Center has declared that BPAUX is now included as a “Nativist Extremist Groups 2010” For years the SPLC has attacked many organizations around the country for being patriotic and in support of the rule of law. It seems that the SLPC is now declaring that BPAUX is somehow a “Militia” even though BPAUX has never stated that it is, and the organizations web site says it is not! We don’t quite understand where the SPLC got the idea that BPAUX is a Militia and have asked them to remove any reference to us from their web site.

BPAUX continues to assist all local, state & federal law enforcement agencies in drug & human trafficking as well as providing education to children in schools about the harms of drugs. BPAUX will continue to screen all members to ensure that there are no hidden agendas in membership, and that our members treat all persons with dignity and respect regardless of their legal status.

For the record, and to make it very clear to all current and future members of this organization, and to the SPLC. BPAUX is NOT a Militia, they never will be nor have they ever been one regardless of what other web sites or articles have written about the group. As posted online for everyone to see we exist to support local, state & federal law enforcement agencies in drug & human trafficking. BPAUX is also not a political organization, and is not involved with making fences, protesting, shooting Illegal Aliens or Drug smugglers or taking over the government! Our members undergo a background check, and a vetting prior to any actual participation. In the following 6 months every members is on a probationary period where they are closely monitored for any behavior that is unacceptable to our standards.

In the future if any organization wishes to know details about BPAUX, they would be advised to read ALL of the materials posted online for public access prior to any creative writing articles! Articles like this one from the SPLC only prove that they have not done any homework or research in investigating that BPAUX really is, they made no calls to National Leadership asking any questions about the organization, and they sent no emails to leadership asking for any clarifications.

In our opinion, the lawyers behind the SPLC should know better! Slander is a serious issue, and BPAUX National Leadership has requested that the SPLC web site remove any reference to BPAUX permanently.


Border Patrol Auxiliary

National Leadership Team