Friday, December 9, 2011

My .02 Cents worth


What a load of you know what! If you are in ANY COUNTRY ILLEGALLY you should be looking over your shoulder for the law! What makes the USA any different? If you cross into Canada or Mexico Illegally you better keep an eye out for the law. If you went to those countries and tried to live there illegally you would have a hard time! Why make it EASY here? Plain and simple folks, whatever country you go to do it LEGALLY! If grandma is here illegally, send her home to someone there to take care of her! And don't bring your kids here illegally! Be a responsible PARENT! And also it is NOT about “Immigrants” it is about Illegal Aliens (45’s) who come into a country without doing it the right way! Maybe the writer need to inform themselves in using the proper terminology or quit using the AP Playbook and be real reporters! Or maybe they are trying to sensationalize the article to make everyone think that those of us who support the rule of law are against all Immigrants! Which is another load of you know what! And for all the farmers who have been hiring these illegal’s “May your crops ROT in the ground” you have done nothing more than aid in the slavery of thousands of people by not paying a fair wage! Time to get mechanized farmers! The days of cheap labor are over with. Hasn’t this so called reporter also seen the factories and chain restaurants’ that dumped the Illegal’s and then lines formed of AMERICAN Citizens out of work applying for the jobs?

We all know that many of the administrations have failed the American public in doing the job of enforcing Immigration laws for DECADES! It is not the fault of just one regime all of them are guilty. Americans must follow the rule of law that means schools, churches, corporations and us common folks. We don’t get the privilege to pick and choose which laws we will obey; a civilized society must continue to respect the rule of law, no matter what country you live in.

Americans are tired of waiting for the federal government to make political move that will favor them in the election races, we want actions and we want them done now it is not a right, left or TeaParty thing and has absolutely nothing to do with Race. Enforce the laws we have on the books, Illegal Aliens will self deport as they are doing now, impost heavy fines and jail time for those that hire IA’s and for those that house them, cut off all local, state & federal funding.

And yes, it will be hard on those who are here Illegally, but those who made the choice to be here illegally made that choice, not the American public and we don’t want to flip the bill any longer for them. We also need to lower the number of aliens we admit into this country until our unemployment numbers are satisfactory! We cannot be the home for everyone in the world who wants the American dream! Citizens of the world who want to come here need to make a home in the country they live in, if it is not how they like it then they have to rise up and make the sacrifices just like Americans have for hundreds of years and make it better there for them and their children.

The idea of giving out our tax dollars to people who are in the country unlawfully has to come to an end! No more hand outs for schools who educate the illegals, no more food stamp or social services programs, no more drivers licenses and no more special attention to any one Race!. Yes we have heard that IA’s pay taxes, and we all know that the majority of those are using false identification to do so.

If you don’t like these ideas, that is still your right, and I hope it remains you right until they move in next door to you and take over your community!

We need immigrants! We all know it, just not now, and not such high numbers of them. We need a common sense approach to government and from what I see, neither party has enough to give you change for a wooden nickel now! We don’t care where they come from generally; they can be “Green” and have 3 eyes and if they want to assimilate into the American society and does it legally, let’s welcome them so don’t pull out the RACE CARD!

Enough of the RACE card please!, you are either American or Not! Don't describe yourself as some other name like Latino-American, German-American, Russian-American or Chinese-American first.... We want Immigrants in America, but we want them to come here LEGALLY please and assimilate. If you cannot do that you disrespect this country and you really don't deserve to be here.

The federal government “AG” Office needs to stop bringing states into the courts for doing what it refuses to do, they need to tend to business that helps America survive and protect its resources. Go after corruption, crimes that actually need to be looked into! Look into Politicians for goodness sake that should keep them busy full time!