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We can be enriched by legal immigration.
But, we are not enriched by uncontrolled, massive, immigration (legal or not), because it creates chaos and societal disorder.
Illegal immigration is not an issue about race, color, ethnicity, class, or nationality, since illegal aliens are of many races from many nations.
Those trying to make a race, color, ethnicity, class, or nationality issue of it do so because all of their arguments are weak and unsustainable excuses and common tactics to divert attention away from these serious problems and burdens:
  • Crime is a serious issue, but only part of the many issues costing U.S. tax payers net losses of $70 billion to $326.7 billion per year; some estimates place losses much higher;
  • burden on education systems;
  • burden on healthcare systems;
  • burden on hospital systems; 84 hospitals closed/closing in California; 70% of women giving birth at Parkland Memorial hospital in Dallas,TX in only the first 3 months of year 2006 were illegal aliens; same thing for this Florida hospital; border states are hit hardest, but it's happening in all 50 states in the U.S.!  
  • burden on welfare systems; over 32% of illegal aliens receive welfare (often for their children born in U.S. hospitals at U.S. tax payers expense);
  • burden on Medicaid system;
  • burden on Social Security and Medicare systems;
  • burden on border patrol systems; ever increasing numbers are needed;
  • burden on insurance systems; illegal aliens can/will not pay for damages they cause;
  • burden on law enforcement systems; costing California billions per year;
  • burden on prison systems; 29% of state and federal prisoners (Sep-2004) are illegal aliens;
  • 2.3 million displaced American workers; partly because half of all illegal aliens that don't pay taxes, and greedy employers that don't pay unemployment taxes, Social Security, Medicare taxes, etc.;  Ask your Congress persons why we keep bringing in 1.5+ Million foreign workers a year to take American jobs when 11-to-25 Million Americans (as of Jan-2009) are unemployed (not even including the tens millions of existing illegal foreign workers in the U.S. and the millions coming to the U.S. illegally every year)If that bothers you, then please see: ;
  • voter fraud; burden on voting systems;
Most Americans want illegal immigration stopped now, and do not want another amnesty program (a.k.a. guest-worker program) that will quadruple the problem, just like the amnesty of 1986 did.  It is despicable how many irresponsible incumbent politicians are now pitting illegal aliens and American citizens against each other for profits and votes! Irresponsible incumbent politicians have ignored this problem and the voters for decades, but the voters keep re-electing, rewarding, and empowering those very same, bought-and-paid-for, look-the-other-way, irresponsible, incumbent politicians.

The U.S. can and should secure the borders and coasts, because national security and defense is the basic purpose of the military. It is a joke to pretend Homeland Security is important when borders and sea-ports are wide-open.  What good does it do to deport criminals and drug-traffickers when they can stroll right back across the unsecured borders? It is a joke to talk about minimum wages when the government refuses to enforce existing laws to stop illegal immigration.  Securing the borders, the right of any sovereign nation, is not isolationism or xenophobia.  It is simply national security and defense.  And common-sense. Also, it can be done quite easily at a cost of about $8 billion initially, and about $10 billion annually for over 153,000 border patrol (three shifts of 51,000).   $10 billion per year is minuscule compared to the $70 billion to $326.7 billion in annual net losses (and some estimates place net losses much higher) due to illegal aliens burdening our education, healthcare, hospital, ER, welfare, Medicaid, Social Security, Medicare, border patrol, insurance, law enforcement, prison, and voting systems. $10 billion per year is less than the $10.5 billion in annual losses for California alone, due to illegal aliens.  $10 billion per year is far less than the $27.3 billion for pork-barrel for year 2005. IT CAN BE DONE: The U.S. could easily secure the borders with resources we already have.  We could simply position 153,000 border patrol persons (a mere 5.9% of the total of  2.6 million of our active military, guard, and reserves) along the borders where they could be more effective toward the goal of national security and defense. The U.S./Canada border (about 4000 miles) and the U.S./Mexico border (about 2,000 miles) could both (about 6,000 miles combined) be secured with a fence and 3000 posts (fixed or mobile; each spaced about 2 miles apart; denser in some areas than others) with a maximum of 51 border patrol persons per post (17 persons per 8 hour shift per post).  That is one patrol person about every 621 feet (i.e. about the length of two football fields), or 8 patrol persons per mile.  Also, the borders could have a fence and/or road that is patrolled with vehicles and monitored with cameras, thermal, night vision, seismic, and motion sensors. For more details and estimated costs, see: . We can and should stop allowing illegal trespassers to cross our national borders.  The rights of foreigners, that illegally trespass our borders, do not trump the rights of a sovereign nation to secure their own border.  The U.S. is not for the public use of the rest of the world no more than your home is for the public use by anyone that isn't invited.  We must enforce the existing laws and prosecute those that illegally employ illegal trespassers. Illegal aliens are burdening our educations systems, healthcare systems, law enforcement systems, insurance systems, driving about without automobile insurance, and bringing disease and crime with them.  The primary purpose of government is to provide for the national defense.  That is the purpose of the military.  But, irresponsible government often misuses the military, and neglects the illegal aliens pouring across the borders. Republicans want cheap labor and Democrats want votes.  So the government does nothing. A biometrics IDentification system, patrols, helicopters, unmanned aerial vehicles, remote cameras, radar, laser, sonar, thermal, seismic, and other sensors and technology could greatly enhance the ability to secure the borders also.  And, the Coast Guard could patrol the coast lines.  What good is a massive armed forces of 2.6 million (active military, Guard, and Reserves) if we don't even allow a small percentage of border patrol to protect our nation's borders? See?  It is not as far fetched as some want you to believe it is, it would use resources we already have, it would not be that expensive, and it would make the nation safer.  There are common-sense solutions.  Don't believe the excuses or false claims that it is too difficult.  It is not.

Would you allow an uninvited stranger to come into your home, eat your food, make themselves at home, settle in, and perhaps invite a few friends ? No? Of course not.  Then why would you allow uninvited strangers to illegally enter your community to use your schools, hospitals, E.R.s, jobs, welfare, Medicaid, Social Security, Medicare, drive about with no drivers' license or auto-insurance, and fraudulently vote in your electionsMost polls show that most citizens want the massive flood of illegal aliens trespassing our borders stopped, and many (if not most) are not in favor of amnesty either.  Countless reputable studies show uncontrolled illegal immigration causes chaos and social disorganization.  We are already witnessing massive burdens on social programs and doubled crime rates. Learn to recognize and reject the many excuses by those that either support or make excuses for illegal aliens. Most are hypocrites, since they don't want those illegal aliens to come live with them.  It's always someone else's responsibility.  It's easy for them to be generous with other people's money, property, and resources.  They are idealists and bleedin' hearts that believe the myth perpetuated by pandering incumbent politicians, that we can all live at the expense of everybody else. This entire problem is largely a result of irresponsible incumbent politicians.  Irresponsible incumbent politicians created the problem, tied the hands of law enforcement, and made it virtually impossible to arrest and deport illegal aliens.  Why?  Because Republicans want cheap labor (an under-paid under-class). And, Democrats want new votes.  Yes, new votes, because an increasing number of illegal aliens are voting in our elections, and with elections as close as the Presidential election of 2000, every vote counts.  Also, both Democrats and Republicans want the votes of the legal immigrants that are trying to get their 50 closest relatives into the U.S. also.  Some legal immigrants resent illegal immigrants, but many (if not most) are not.  Polls show that most citizens want illegal immigration stopped, and many (if not most) oppose amnesty too, because the last amnesty of 1986 quadrupled the problem.  Another amnesty will quadruple the problem again, and the burden will quadruple too. Irresponsible incumbent politicians should be held accountable, but that is not likely if voters keep re-electing the very same irresponsible incumbent politicians that ignore this, and numerous other pressing problems that are growing in number and severity. Now, these extremely irresponsible incumbent politicians are pitting U.S. citizens and illegal aliens against each other.   When they are finished with that, they will return to pitting U.S. citizens against each other by fueling the petty partisan warfare that keeps a majority from ever existing to vote out irresponsible, bought-and-paid-for, corrupt incumbent politicians. Stop Repeat Offenders. Do Not Re-Elect Them ! Unfortunately, if you dare to argue any of the many valid reasons against illegal immigration and amnesty, you will be called names and faced with a myriad of nonsensical excuses (from the pro-illegal alien crowd and their lobbyists):
  • EXCUSE # 01: Tradition:
    MYTH:    As George Bush said: "We are a land of immigrants".  We can not pull up the drawbridge now, unless we dismantle the Statue of Liberty. Otherwise, we are all hypocrites.
    TRUTH:   This is a common ploy.  Yes, we are a land of immigrants.  Mostly legal.  We are enriched by legal immigration;  not by massive, uncontrolled, illegal immigration.  You would not allow large numbers of uninvited persons to come live in your home, use your food, utilities, and space.  So, why would you let them come into your community, uninvited, and use your schools, hospitals, ERs, Medicaid, welfare, highways, and vote in your elections?
  • EXCUSE # 02:  Economics:
    MYTH:   The U.S. will crumble without illegal aliens. We need immigrants to pay the Social Security of the Baby Boomers when they begin to retire. Immigrants do jobs citizens won’t do. Who would pick our produce? Who would make the beds and wash the dishes?
    TRUTH:   This is another common myth, since illegal aliens are costing U.S. tax payers a net loss of at least $70 billion per year (and possibly as much as $326.7 billion annually).  $70 billion will pick a lot of vegetables and fruit, eh?  Guarded and electronically monitored fences along all U.S. land borders would cost about $10 billion per year.  How does that compare to the $70 billion per year in net losses to U.S. taxpayers?
  • EXCUSE # 03:  Humanitarianism:
       You are selfish to put the needs of poor citizens ahead of more desperate people in other nations, by denying them entry into our country. The U.S. is obligated to share with others. Large-scale immigration is a significant way for the U.S. to help the impoverished people of the world.
    TRUTH:   It is also selfish to forget to show compassion for your fellow citizens that go without because illegal aliens have stolen from and burdened our welfare, Medicaid, education, healthcare, hospital, E.R., Medicare, Social Security, law enforcement, prison, insurance, and voting systems.   Also, without the sovereign right of nations to control their own borders and immigration, people in places where things are not as good will always descend upon places where things are better, ruining it for everyone.   We can be enriched by controlled immigration, but massive, uncontrolled immigration (legal or not) is a recipe for disaster, chaos, increased crime, racism, resentments, and societal disorder.
  • EXCUSE # 04:  Diversity / Racism:
    MYTH:   Increasing diversity through immigration is necessary to be true to our civil rights principles. Opposition to illegal immigration is racist. We are obligated to accommodate millions of immigrants per year because our strength is our diversity; the diversity of immigrants made America great. And, Christopher Columbus was the first illegal alien, and we stole the land from the Indians.
    TRUTH:   That is the old stand-by. You are a racist. However, race has nothing to do with it since illegal aliens are of all races from all over the world.  Diversity is good, but massive, uncontrolled, illegal immigration itself leads to racism due to chaos, resentments, increased crime, societal disorder, and increased competition for a slice of a shrinking pie.
  • EXCUSE # 05:  Irredentism:
       We have no right to secure U.S. borders, because U.S. borders are illegitimate to start with. The U.S. really belongs to the Indians and other neighboring nations, to start with.
    TRUTH: This is another weak argument.  If you want to use that logic, we should all give back all of our nations to the original inhabitants, or their ancestors. This weak argument is just one of many that demonstrate how weak all of the pro-illegal alien arguments really are.
  • EXCUSE # 06: Cornucopianism:
        The free market and technology will save us. We are the land of plenty. Besides, we need illegal aliens to grow out of our massive debt problems. They will become new tax payers, and we can grow our way out of debt.
    TRUTH:   Even if that were true, does it justify exploitation of an under-paid under-class?  To attempt to remedy our own debt problems?  This simply does not make sense, since illegal aliens are costing U.S. taxpayers net losses of over $70 billion to $326.7 billion per year.  Besides, how can importing massive numbers of uneducated and impoverished improve the economy.  32% of illegal aliens receive welfare.  29% of all incarcerated in U.S. prisons and jails (nationwide) are illegal aliens.  How will technology resolve that?  
    The U.S.:
    • can not afford to fix the economic and political problems of all neighboring countries, much less the other nations from which illegal aliens originate (on other continents).
    • can not afford the time and cost to fix Mexico, and even if it could, illegal aliens come from hundreds of the nations world-wide, and the U.S. can not fix all of them.
    • can not afford to bring the rest of the world closer to our standard of living, without lowering our standard of living.
    • can not afford to be the world police.
    • can not afford to be nation-builders.
    • can not afford to let every one come here from all over the world; immigration must be limited.
    • can not afford to fix other nations' problems around the world, when we can't fix our own.
    • can not afford any of it, because the U.S. already has $53 Trillion of nation-wide debt, and 80% of Americans own only 17% of all wealth in the U.S.
    • can not stop illegal immigration with a border fence alone.
    • must enforce its own laws.
  • EXCUSE # 07:  Globalism:
        We live in a global economy now, requiring new global solutions. Securing the U.S. borders is futile, since it is inadequate to deal with globalization.TRUTH:   This is a complete non-sequitur.  Secure borders and a global economy have little (if anything) to do with each other.  Nations have the sovereign right to secure their borders, and that is necessary, because without it, massive numbers of people from places where things are not as good would invade places where things are better, ruining it for everyone. We can not immigrate our way out of our fiscal and economic problems. Especially with increasing competition abroad, growing corpocrisy and corporatism within government, and an increasingly irresponsible, elitist, bought-and-paid-for, look-the-other-way government. 
  • EXCUSE # 08: Practicality:
        It is not possible to deport 12+ million illegal aliens.
    TRUTH:   There is no need to deport illegal aliens.   Enforce existing laws to prosecute greedy illegal employers, and most illegal aliens will leave voluntarily.  For those left, we can help deport those that volunteer to be deported, but once the magnets are eliminated, illegal aliens will leave voluntarily.  We could provide $500 (per person) and pre-paid transportation to each illegal alien volunteering to leave the U.S.  That may cost as much as $12 billion, but it is a one-time cost, and it is still miniscule compared to the current annual losses of $70 billion to $326.7 billion (and climbing, year after year).
  • EXCUSE # 09: Racism and Xenophobia:
        You are a racist and xenophobe if you don't want wide-open borders and have any problems with unchecked immigration.
    TRUTH:   Racism and xenophobia has nothing to do with it.   Massive immigration (legal or not) causes many societal problems. Greedy corporations and illegal employers of illegal aliens use the constant influx of illegal aliens to depress wages and boost their own profits.  Pandering politicians do it for votes, despicably pitting American citizens and illegal aliens against each other for votes.  The net losses due to illegal immigration are estimated between $70 billion to $326.7 billion.  Also, crime rates by illegal aliens are estimated to be two or more times higher. 
  • EXCUSE # 10: The Risk of War: MYTH:    You are risking war by expecting existing laws to be enforced to prosecute illegal employers of illegal aliens.
    TRUTH:   This is more fear-mongering stooping to its lowest levels, and more misplaced compassion (if genuine) at its worst (i.e. more compassion for illegal aliens than fellow Americans).
  • EXCUSE # 11: A Wall Won't Work: MYTH:    A wall won't work. 
    TRUTH:   A barrier will work if it is also monitored by border patrol.  And it doesn't have to be a wall. A barrier (or fence) is merely a delay mechanism to make trespass more difficult;  it is unlikely anything can stop all trespass 100%, but giving up is not the solution;  more border patrol is the solution;  and where fences and patrols have been implemented, they have proven to be very effective, which is probably why the pro-open-borders, pro-amnesty, and bleedin' hearts are so strongly opposed to a fence and more border patrol.
The proposals to provide a Guest Worker Program is essentially a ruse.  It is essentially an Amnesty Program, since illegal aliens will be allowed to stay, ridiculously complex rules associated with the Guest Worker Program will increase law enforcement duties and tracking requirements, many times over, and those laws will be not be enforced any more than current laws.  And massive deportation is not necessary either.  If the magnets that attract illegal aliens here are eliminated, illegal aliens will stop coming here, and many will leave voluntarily.  Especially if we offer to pre-pay their transportation to return to their homeland, and provide a reasonable amount of money to help make their return trip home. Some may say that is unfair.  However, U.S. citizens are justified to also have compassion for their own citizens, first. For those U.S. citizens supporting amnesty and a repeat of the 1986 amnesty . . .
  • Where is the compassion for the victims of increased crime rates (Source: GAO-05-646R,  based on a study group of 55,322 illegal aliens over a 57 year period; 29% of all incarcerated are illegal aliens) ?
  • Where is the compassion for U.S. citizens that go without healthcare and access to E.R.s and hospitals which are over-flowing with illegal aliens (of which many don't pay)? Is this fair to U.S. tax payers ?
  • Where is the compassion for the truly needy U.S. citizens that can not get help because of limited resources and 32% of illegal aliens receiving welfare instead ?
  • Where is the outrage of the greedy employers of illegal aliens ?
  • Where is the compassion for the U.S. victims and survivors of crimes perpetrated by illegal aliens (29% of all prisoners are illegal aliens), and the crime rates are rising.
  • Where is the compassion for U.S. citizens who's lives have been changed forever by illegal aliens that spread disease ?  One illegal alien in Santa Barbara, California infected 56 other people with tuberculosis as reported on April 24, 2004, by the Santa Barbara Press-News, "Anatomy of an Outbreak". Because illegal alien migration into the USA continues unabated for the past 20 years, we now have 16,000 new cases of incurable MDR tuberculosis in the past five years. We suffer 7,000 new cases of leprosy. We tolerate 100,000 new cases of hepatitis "A" in our society. Chagas disease, which affects 14 million South Americans and kills 50,000 annually, streams across our borders as unchecked thousands enter our society illegally. If your child goes to public school, they could be exposed, as thousands already have been.
  • Where is the compassion for the U.S. tax payers that experience a net loss of about $70 billion to $326.7 billion per year due to all the numerous problems stemming from illegal aliens?

The U.S. has 300 million citizens (as of NOV-2006). There are about 12 million illegal aliens (some estimates place this much higher). But, only about 55% of illegal aliens pay federal income taxes. That leaves 6.6 million illegal aliens that pay federal income taxes. But, only 67% of illegal aliens are employed (the rest are children or elderly). That leaves 4.422 million employed illegal aliens that pay income taxes. Now, let's assume illegal aliens average $12 per hour for 5.5 days per week (287 days per year). That comes to $27,552 per year. After a standard IRS deduction of $5,000 , that leaves $22,552 per year. The highest tax rate (filing single) is 13.3647% . Therefore, that is $3014 in federal income taxes withheld per year (using 2005 tax tables). And, Social Security and Medicare taxes add up tp 15.3% of gross income. That includes the 7.65% paid by the employer, and 7.65% paid by the employee. Therefore, that amounts to $4215 for 15.3% for Social Security and Medicare taxes. That is $18.64 billion for Social Security and Medicare taxes. However, other estimates say that it is actually only about $7 billion. Nevertheless, let's continue with the much higher $18.64 billion. Therefore, the highest estimate of total taxes paid = $7229 = $3014 + 4215 . That is $31.97 billion per year = ($4.422 million * $7229) for all federal taxes. Note: none of that even includes deductions for dependents. Now lets assume the profit from their work is at least 16.7% ($2 per hour of the wage of $12 per hour) to the employer. Thus, the value of their work is $24.08 billion per year. Unfortunately, the U.S. citizens do not realize the entire benefit of the value of that work. Greedy employers of illegal aliens reap most of the profit and benefit from the under-paid/under-class. That is why a huge jump in prices is a myth, and even if it were true, the net losses would still exceed net benefits. Thus, the net value to the U.S. is $56.05 billion = $31.97 billion + $24.08 billion. However, the net costs to U.S. tax payers is estimated at least $70 billion (but possibly as high as $326.7 billion) per year (after taxes are deducted). In 1997 (nine years ago), Dr. Donald Huddle, Professor Emeritus of Economics at Rice University, found that total costs were as high as $139 billion, and net costs (after adjusting for taxes and some other net gains) were $69 billion in 1997. So, $87 billion in 2006 is a very conservative estimate, since Huddle also did not include the cost of displaced workers, crime, and disease. Therefore, let's use the smaller estimate of net costs (before deducting taxes) of $101.97 billion (i.e. $70 billion + $31.97 billion for taxes), which agrees closely with many estimates.  At, the estimate of costs is $87 billion per year, but that is before deducting the value of all federal taxes, which was generously estimated above at $31.97 billion. $31.97 billion is really over estimated, but let's assume taxes paid are actually that high. Therefore, the total cost after deducting taxes and value of work is $45.92 billion = ($101.97 billion - $31.97 billion taxes received - $24.08 billion value of work). That value of $45.92 billion is very close to the $45 billion estimated by the Federation for American Immigration Reform ( which stated: "the net expense [loss] to the taxpayer from illegal     immigration would currently be at least $45 billion" And, that $45 billion of net losses to U.S. citizens does not even include the estimates for 2.3 million displaced U.S. workers, unemployment benefits and welfare for displaced workers, tax deductions for dependents, cost of crime, and disease.   Also, it is mostly the poorest citizens that are being displaced from jobs, because of the unfair advantage that illegal aliens and their greedy employers have by not paying taxes. Many studies place the estimated net losses to the U.S. at double that (ranging from $70 billion to $139 billion). Even if it is only $45 billion, that is not an insignificant amount. That amounts to about $1 billion per state per year. But, we know some states are impacted drastically more. Conservative estimates of total losses for California alone, are estimated at $10.5 billion. Some recent estimates of homicides by illegal aliens range from 12 to 25 per day, and the net losses to U.S. tax payers from $45 billion to as high as $326.7 Billion per year ! For more information, please see:  and  ALIPAC.US .

CRIME: Many illegal aliens commit no crimes (excluding the fact that trespassing itself is illegal), but if you think illegal aliens pose no threat or burden to citizens, then please read the following. Regardless of crime rate statistics, these are crimes that should have never occurred. These are crimes that could have been prevented: N On 13-Nov-2005, Brian Jackson, a Dallas policeman was shot and killed by an illegal alien, Juan Lizcano. Lizcano had become drunk and went to the home of his ex-girl-friend to threaten her. As the police pursued Lizcano after he fled the woman's home, he shot Officer Jackson, who died later in the hospital. Officer Jackson was remembered by his fellow police as someone who loved his job and always went the extra mile. N Then, there is Jorge Hernandez, a.k.a. Jorge Soto, who killed Min Soon Chang, an 18-year-old college freshman, in a terrible head-on wreck while Hernandez was driving drunk. He had been arrested 3 previous times for drunk driving in 3 other states, and he had been deported to Mexico 17 times!  Why aren't illegal aliens aren't deported instantly after being arrested for drunk driving? N Debbie Thomas, who was the mother of three, was killed in a head-on collision on Christmas Eve 2003 when her car was struck by a car being driven in the wrong direction by illegal alien, Narciso Garcia-Jimenez. He later escaped from his hospital bed and is still at large. The car he drove had no inspection sticker and was registered to another person. When Debbie's mom learned that her daughter's killer survived and escaped after being treated at the hospital, she said she felt "angry, bitter and sad, all at once." N In Atlanta, Georgia: Mexican Miguel Carrasco raped a female victim in front of her four year old child and two minors; California Mexican Zacarias Camacho committed lewd acts upon a child under 14; El Salvadoran Oswaldo Martinez raped, sodomized and murdered a 16 year old; MS-13 gang member Reinaldo Ramos convicted of 2nd degree sexual offense for brutal gang rape of 16 year old girl. N Jose Ramirez is every father's nightmare. The illegal alien beat up a 15-year-old girl after whistling at her. He broke her nose, fractured a bone in her face and produced cuts requiring 30 stitches. The man worked in construction in Spotsylvania, Virginia, where the attack occurred, and resisted arrest to the point where police had to taser him. N Jose Raul Pena, earlier deported for cocaine possession, used his little daughter as a human shield in an hours-long Los Angeles shootout with police on July 10. Pena and Suzie were both killed. During the incident, Pena used a 9-millimeter Beretta pistol which had been stolen last year in a burglary in Oregon. His office at the car dealership contained a bag of cocaine and a half-drunk bottle of Tequila — consistent with the illegal Pena's previous deportation for cocaine possession. Videotape captured images of Pena shooting at the police while holding his daughter, yet his relatives are questioning not only whether he used his daughter as a shield, but whether he was even armed at all, according to the Los Angeles Times. N Esmerelda Nava, age 4, was recently strangled, molested and killed by an illegal alien who had been deported in 2003. The accused killer is Cornelio Rivera Zamites, who had been residing in Gainsville, Georgia. Esmerelda went with her parents to visit the 24-year-old Zamites. At some point late Saturday night, the child's mother realized the girl was missing. A police officer found her body early the next morning in nearby woods. An article of Zamites clothing was close by and he was gone. Zamites had been deported for driving under the influence, as well as having no license or insurance. At least his illegal status was duly noted. N The nation's highways have become far more dangerous since they have been turned into smuggling thruways for criminals. Nineteen-year-old Travis Smith of Mesa, Arizona, was killed in 2002 by a carload of illegal aliens being smuggled to Pennsylvania. The accident occurred near Monticello in southeastern Utah, as the car driven by illegal alien smuggler Isidro Aranda-Flores plowed head-on into Smith's 1966 Mustang. The smuggler apparently fell asleep at the wheel. N In Los Angeles (year 2004), 95% of over 1200 outstanding warrants for homicide and 67% of 17,000 fugitive felony warrants are for illegal aliens. N PHOENIX: Television and radio stations began running ads in the Valley last week, paid for by the Coalition United to Secure America, attributing the 45% increase in homicides and 41% increase in home invasions to illegal aliens. Phoenix Police Department reports confirm those figures and Sgt. Tony Morales believes there is no doubt that the statistics are tied to illegal aliens. N 12/31/2002: Six-month figures revealed a 3.3% increase in violent crime in California, including a 16% rise in homicides, over the same span in 2001. N In 2001, 87% of deportable aliens who received run letters later disappeared; a number that  was even higher (94%) for illegal aliens from terror-sponsoring countries. N According to statistics by the Salt Lake City Police Department (and verified by an independent study), 80% of all drug crimes in the City are committed by illegal aliens. In Salt Lake County, the equivalent number is 50%. That's why Congressman Cannon is on the Immigration Subcommittee of the House Judiciary Committee. He is working to insure that interior states, like Utah, are not overlooked in the war on illegal immigration. N John Mullaly a former NYPD homicide detective, states 70% of the drug dealers and other criminals in Manhattan's Washington Heights are were illegal aliens. N In 2004, an average of 2,000 illegal aliens stream across our borders daily. One illegal alien in Santa Barbara, California infected 56 other people with tuberculosis as reported on April 24, 2004, by the Santa Barbara Press-News, "Anatomy of an Outbreak" N Increased crime rates is a typical result of massive, uncontrolled illegal immigration. Figures are hard to find directly, but it can be conservatively estimated using data from two sources: (1) By the end of 2005, there were an estimated 12 million illegal aliens in the U.S. With existing data, and using the murder rates in Brazil, Mexico, Salvador, China, and 39 other nations, and the Census Bureau estimate of 8.7 million illegal aliens (in the year 2000), and assuming those crime rates are the same here as in those nations, then the total annual homicides in the U.S. by illegal aliens are between 1408 to 2510  homicides.  The total U.S. prison population in 2004 was 2.2 million.  The average stay in prison for each illegal alien is 21 months. 29% of all prisoners are illegal aliens (about 638,000 of 2.2 million). Some estimates place that percentage of illegal aliens at 33%, but let's use the smaller 29% for now. In 2004, there were 16,528 homicides in the U.S. The U.S. population is about 300 million (as of NOV-2006). (2) In GAO Report 5646, for a study group of 55,322 illegal aliens (imprisoned for many different crimes), there were 5992 homicides over a period of 57 years in CA, TX, and AZ (between 1947 and 2004).  That is an average homicide rate of 105.12 homicides per year (i.e. 5992 homicides/57 years). The study group is only 8.67% of the total of number of illegal aliens in prison. Therefore (638,000 / 55,322) = 11.53 which means the study group of 55,322 was 11.53 times smaller than the total incarcerated illegal aliens. So, multiplying 11.53 times the average annual homicide rate of 105.12  = 1212 homicides per year by illegal aliens. That is a bit conservative, since most crimes started occurring after 1990. But, that number of 1212 helps corroborate the number 1408 determined above. But, let's split the difference: 1310 = (1212 + 1408) / 2  . 1310 homicides per year / 12 million illegal aliens = 0.0001092 homicides per illegal alien per year. 16528 homicides per year / 300 million U.S. citizens = 0.000055093 homicides per U.S. citizen per year. 1.9814 = ( 0.0001092 / 0.000055093 ) Even if the smallest estimate of 1212 homicides per year is used, the average is:  1.83 = ( 1212 / 12 million ) / 0.000055093 Therefore, the homicide rate by illegal aliens is about 2 times higher than those by U.S. citizens. That figure above of 1310 homicides per year (3.59 per day) by illegal aliens is very conservative. Some estimates (such as this) place the figure much higher (as high as 4380; or 12 per day)! N . . . more 1 . . . . . . more 2 . . . . . . more 3 . . .

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We should show some compassion for those that are merely looking for work and a better way of life, and have committed no crimes, other than illegal trespass of our borders a few times. But, we should ALSO show compassion for our own citizens who are being cheated by massive costs and burdens caused by illegal aliens. Making illegal aliens felons for merely being here illegally is NOT the solution. There are better solutions. Mass deportation is NOT the solution.  Many illegal aliens will self-deport once illegal employers are stopped from employing illegal aliens. Illegal aliens do not deserve another AMNESTY (like the amnesty of 1986 which quintupled the problem from 3-to-4 Million to 12-to-20 Million illegal aliens). Illegal aliens do not deserve to the front of the line and be rewarded for trespassing our borders and disrespecting our laws.
  1. Secure the borders immediately (e.g. with 153,000 border patrol;  a number equal to a mere 5.9% of the total 2.6 million military, guard, and reserves).
  2. Stop ignoring existing laws now.   Immediately begin to enforce the existing laws to prosecute illegal employers.
  3. Then pass a BILL to provide a path to citizenship ONLY for the truly innocent persons, which are some persons that were brought into the U.S. illegally by their parent(s) when young and have lived over N years of their life in the U.S., and are no longer dependent on their parents.  This will be a painfully difficult and costly process, but one that will only get more costly and difficult until the borders are secured and the illegal employers are stopped from employing illegal aliens.  Another broad amnesty is not the solution.  Our politicians already failed to secure the borders and enforce existing laws after the last amnesty of 1986, so they can not be trusted again, and must first secure the borders and enforce existing laws before considering a path to citizenship ONLY for the truly innocent persons.
  4. Require deportation of ALL illegal entries and visa overstays currently within our jails and prisons (i.e. within our custody).
  5. Require ALL employers to use the Social Security Verification System for ALL hires.  Prosecute violators.
  6. Pass an amendment to the Constitution to eliminate automatic citizenship for illegal alien births. Stop the abuse of anchor babies to acquire Blue Passports.
  7. Deny ALL illegal aliens a FREE K-12 education.
  8. Deny ALL illegal aliens ANY and ALL public benefits (welfare, Medicaid, Medicare, Social Security, etc.), except Emergency healthcare.
  9. Deny ALL illegal aliens driver's licenses.
  10. Deny ALL illegal aliens college tuition.
  11. Verify ALL voter's and employees' citizenship, before permission to vote or work (employers can confirm eligibility via e-Verify which is 99.5% accurate). 
    Biometrics could be helpful too to increase accuracy.
  12. Provide pre-paid transportation to each illegal alien volunteering to leave the U.S.
  13. With no more magnets (no jobs, welfare, education, etc.), the remaining illegal aliens will leave voluntarily.  Allow all illegal aliens to leave on their own, with their own property. Those wishing to immigrate to the U.S. must get in line behind those already seeking to immigrate legally.
  14. Lastly, voters must recognize that nothing is likely to ever improve as long as voters reward  irresponsible incumbent politicians with 85%-to-90% re-election rates and empowering irresponsible incumbent politicians to (despicably) pit American citizens and illegal aliens against each other for profits and votes.

  • If U.S. citizens continue to ignore this (and many other pressingproblems), then they will only have themselves to thank for the painful consequences. 
  • No reforms are possible until one fundamental change is made first
    All voters need to do is the one simple, common-sense, no-brainer, non-partisan, safe, peaceful, inexpensive, and responsible thing voters were supposed to be doing all along:
    Stop  rewarding 
    irresponsible  incumbent  politicians.  Stop  repeatedly  re-electing  them.  Stop rewarding irresponsible incumbent politicians that are (despicably) pitting American citizens and illegal aliens against each other!
    Vote  for  challengers  (see guidelines),  rather  than  repeatedly  rewarding  irresponsible   incumbent  politicians  that  refuse  to  pass   many  badly-needed,  common-sense,  no-brainer,  responsible  reforms,  and  refuse  to   adequately  address  the  nation's  most  pressing problems.    
    In a voting nation, education of the electorate (i.e. the voters) is paramount !   The voters will receive their education (eventually) one way or another, and sooner would be better (and less painful) than later.

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Crimes commited by Illegal Aliens

Here we will show the crimes commited daily by all ILLEGAL ALIENS.